from by Palmar Grasp



I want you to get out of my life
Don't wanna hear your idea of cool
You're positively always negative
Your jealousy makes you passive aggressive

I said I would listen,
not do what I was told
I am in charge
and I'm more than comfortable

It's been a struggle to get back on top
But I did it in the end and remembered who I was
I know that it's a front, your macho down-talk
Inside you must be shitting yourself

Not everything I do
I do with you in mind
Brooding over what happened
is a waste of time

It's nice to remember that if I'm looking for support
I can do it on my own, others are a last resort
Threats on your talent, and passion for gaining thought
It's not a fashion statement, I've told you this before


from Cressida Lock, released October 4, 2014


tags: punk Sydney


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Palmar Grasp Sydney, Australia

Suburban feminist emo noise.

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