Bottle Episode

from by Palmar Grasp



I guess that wearing a dress means that I'm out to impress somebody
I leave the house that I built, the life that I made, everyday thinking
"Today might be the day that I meet the man of my dreams"
It's obviously what I need

"I wanna make you pregnant, you cunt!"
Well, how about now as I feed you my cigarette when it's lit?
It must be really entertaining when we retaliate
You mock and jeer as we stick our fingers in the air

If I am confident then I am a bitch
If I am timid then I am a prude
I cannot
and don't want to
impress you

How are we supposed to react?
Fall to our knees and open our mouths?
"You look prettier when you smile" is not gonna get your dick sucked
The reason we're not smiling is not 'cause we need a good fuck

There will be no positivity
given to a movement that belittles me
No part of me dresses or behaves the way I do
to be analysed by scum like you

Evolve already!
Or lay down and die


from Cressida Lock, released October 4, 2014


tags: punk Sydney


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Palmar Grasp Sydney, Australia

Suburban feminist emo noise.

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