Palmar Grasp (Demo)

by Palmar Grasp

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"Progressive art can assist people to learn not only about the objective forces at work in the society in which they live, but also about the intensely social character of their interior lives. Ultimately, it can propel people towards social emancipation."
-Angela Y. Davis


released June 1, 2013

Palmar Grasp are:
Angharad Yeo
Blossom McKenzie-King
Kelly-Dawn Hellmrich
Stono Caves

Released by:
You Are Lisa Simpson Records

Recorded and mixed by:
Jivin' Josh

Recorded at:
The Pitz and Hellcrust Avenue

Artwork by:
Mitzi McKenzie-King


tags: punk Sydney


all rights reserved


Palmar Grasp Sydney, Australia

Suburban feminist emo noise.

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Track Name: Tiered
A social class reaped of their identity
in a region filled with neglected refugees
in a nation that still detains children
in a selfish world with nothing to give them

If you have had the chance to think
then you cannot stop thinking

If you have had the chance to wake up
then you must begin this awakening

This is not about you

[Lyrics - Stono]
Track Name: Black Flag Tattoo
My liberty does not depend on your version of democracy
that fails to acknowledge the existence of diversity


And if the system tries to save me, I will break it
White men that promise us freedom but are the first to take it

You excuse the intrusive abuse of exclusively women
But then engage in debates and pretend to hate sexism
There is nothing to your resistance, I have seen your type before
You will spout your empty theories, but you're never at the fore

[Lyrics - Stono]
Track Name: Thrones & Defying

There's some level of confusion
when it comes to conversation
While you're picking at the stitches
bitching incessantly

My lungs are giving out
trying to talk above you
It's so hard to interject
when the dialogue is set

And you focus on your
self-righteous fight
against your own first-world problems
and how you can't see the light

Sick of hearing how you
don't have any money
When your childhood was filled with privilege
Let me tell you, honey

The removal of the source
will mean the cut of circulation
Are you losing your limbs now?
Are you severing connections?

I know you'll end up alone

Your mother and sister will wither and blister
Your ferocity is a necessity
Your false pretenses will be the death of me
So take off that insolent headdress
when you don't understand the concept

You'll pick relations to the bone
This is not a game of thrones

[Lyrics - Blossom]


From the purest intentions
to a lack of motivation
Then up again to the peak
just to fall back into the abyss
I'm thinking it's not even worth it
It's too tough to fight this
The weight of a crumbling system
and a societal crisis

From an innocent gesture
to elitist-filled culture
From defying tradition
to a lack in ambition

[Lyrics - Stono]