Cressida Lock

by Palmar Grasp

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I guess that wearing a dress means that I'm out to impress somebody I leave the house that I built, the life that I made, everyday thinking "Today might be the day that I meet the man of my dreams" It's obviously what I need "I wanna make you pregnant, you cunt!" Well, how about now as I feed you my cigarette when it's lit? It must be really entertaining when we retaliate You mock and jeer as we stick our fingers in the air If I am confident then I am a bitch If I am timid then I am a prude I cannot and don't want to impress you How are we supposed to react? Fall to our knees and open our mouths? "You look prettier when you smile" is not gonna get your dick sucked The reason we're not smiling is not 'cause we need a good fuck There will be no positivity given to a movement that belittles me No part of me dresses or behaves the way I do to be analysed by scum like you Evolve already! Or lay down and die
A complete generation told they're disadvantaged and hopeless But with identities scrawled on walls, displacement breeds the toughest of lovers and leaders and artists that no-one ever expected in a region that everyone neglected But this is where the sun sets We found resistance in the heart of destruction We found persistence in the heart of dysfunction This revolution is earnest It's a daily struggle to live here but this is the uprising and I cannot leave you
Martingale 02:55
We will not be sweet about it anymore It's like scratching at, tearing, dropping knees to a wall But the salt will eventually eat away the stone The sea admired for its allure strangles and swallows too You may not see it But we will feel it The toughest parts - my tongue, bones and teeth Kinetic with fear in the pit of me I'm told that fury will fade to defeat and I'll fill up the spaces with what is easy In place of what we stood for In place of what we need It won't end up like this I won't end up like you
Mabel 02:22
I want you to get out of my life Don't wanna hear your idea of cool You're positively always negative Your jealousy makes you passive aggressive I said I would listen, not do what I was told I am in charge and I'm more than comfortable It's been a struggle to get back on top But I did it in the end and remembered who I was I know that it's a front, your macho down-talk Inside you must be shitting yourself Not everything I do I do with you in mind Brooding over what happened is a waste of time It's nice to remember that if I'm looking for support I can do it on my own, others are a last resort Threats on your talent, and passion for gaining thought It's not a fashion statement, I've told you this before


released October 4, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Mitzi McKenzie-King and Damian Coward at Magnet Studios (Coburg, VIC)
Dedicated to our best mate Ben Corio


all rights reserved



Palmar Grasp Sydney, Australia

Suburban feminist emo noise.

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